Against all odds, the American voters’ decision to elect a Man (Donald J. Trump) as their next president should give some Men reprieve from feminist haters who roundly denounced Men all over as misogynists and sexual assaulters.  Trump is now your president. Read it and weep. And yes, that is a picture of Trump with “Hooters” dancers.

After all, it was just a few weeks ago that Trump was getting buried by the media for “sexual assault” and the polls and punditry had all but written Donald Trump off from any chance of capturing the U.S. presidency. Just days ago all major polls reported that Hillary Clinton’s win was a fait accompli.  Feminists were supremely confident that tales of sexual assault and groping would cause Trump to lose the female electorate by large numbers and hence the presidency.

How wrong they were.  Although Men overwhelmingly supported Trump by 53 percent, Clinton only won among women by 54 percent.  White women voted for Trump by a 53 percent margin and he surprisingly captured about 30% of the minority vote, faring better than Mitt Romney had in 2012 against Barack Obama.

After the election, feminist journalists went haywire.  Huffington Post ran a big headline  – “America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Over The First Female President.  The Atlantic, also ran an ominous sounding article – “Trump’s Victory Sends a Disturbing Message About Sexual Assault,” (as if the country did not have other more important issues at stake than discussing allegations of alleged groping that took place over 30 years ago).

This type of irresponsible reporting by feminist media outlets does not have a legitimate place in politics, led alone media discourse.  Using gender politics to enrage women over frivolous allegations only serves to divide the country and weaken our nation.

Trump’s election was not a statement about women’s rights.  To think so would be simply arrogant and irrational.  Trump won because he was appealing to a large swath of voters (both Men and women) who were concerned with larger issues, such as jobs, healthcare, immigration, security, gun rights, government spending and our international stature in the world.

Supporting Hillary Clinton simply because she could have been the first female president is itself irresponsible and reckless. When Obama ran for president, he did not run on a “black” platform.  To run on gender or race platforms undermines the legitimacy of these causes themselves; it tells the electorate that you are relying on those characteristics rather than the merit of your positions on important issues.

What Trump needs to do now is send a strong message that feminist rhetoric will no longer be tolerated in legal, political or media discourse.  Trump needs to promptly set an agenda for Men’s Rights and stop the culture of false accusations, slander and abuse of Men in the media and through our legal and political systems.  He needs to promptly reform civil litigation and criminal prosecution against Men, especially in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, divorce, employment and discrimination.

However, Men’s Rights is not likely to become a dominant issue unless more Men speak up against the injustices they have encountered for simply being Men.  If we expect this administration to do anything about false accusations and distorted laws which unfairly punish Men, it should start now and with this administration.  Donald Trump should be the poster child for Men’s Rights.


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