As Trump and Clinton sparred off in the early minutes of the final presidential debate, it became clear that this election is a referendum on Men’s Rights.

We all expected that Trump’s bragging about groping women on a bus on its way to Access Hollywood would become an issue in this debate.

What we didn’t expect was how easily Hillary Clinton would capitalize on this opportunity to throw Trump “under the bus” so to speak on women’s issues.

It also became clear watching this debate as to how different the two candidates are when it comes to Men’s Rights.

Trump obviously understands how easy it is for the feminist dominated media (Anderson Cooper included) to lynch Men over issues unrelated to the economy or foreign policy. Yet, HRC is given a complete free pass for destroying e-mails which are pivotal to natural security.

Still, the 9000 lb. elephant still stands in the room and nobody is talking about it. Because of the enormous influence the feminist dominated media has on politics, nobody, including Trump can mention Men’s Rights and the countless abuse Men have suffered from frivolous allegations of sexual assault, discrimination and abuse.

Yet, when any untoward comment or gesture is made by a man it is deemed “sexual assault” or misogyny and openly discussed in the media where Men, including Trump are vilified as sexual predators or abusers.

Women, including, Hillary Clinton, have unfairly used gender politics in this election as a zero sum game to target Men and get ahead. They have also fed the myth that Men are abusers and sexual predators for behaviors to which they have been complicit, often raising such allegations years or decades after the alleged “assault” occurred (for obvious political or legal expediency).

update: Trump will be the next president of the United States.

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  1. Pat

    Hopefully, our Russian friends can teach the Trump administration a thing or two about how to handle so-called “domestic abuse.”

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