Have you ever been or know someone who has been a victim of a domestic violence allegation?  I am not talking about being a victim of “domestic violence” a completely overblown and politically abused term.  What is worse is being accused of domestic violence and allowing a woman to bring law enforcement into your private life.

If you are a Man and have gone through this ordeal or know of someone who has gone through this ordeal, then you know what I am talking about.  Domestic Violence Allegations are being used by accusers and law enforcement to destroy and humiliate Men and the situation is completely out of control.  (I am not talking about prosecuting people for legitimate abuse and the cycle of harmful violence that can take place in relationships).

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed in 1994 in response to the the outrage over the OJ Simpson trial and active lobbying by women’s groups to seek harsher penalties and enactment of domestic violence laws across the country.  Despite the fact that much abuse in relationships takes place against Men by women and goes completely unreported or undocumented, as evidenced by the title alone, this legislation was completely one sided.  The federal legislation created billions of dollars in funding for states to enact domestic violence legislation and criminalize even the most innocuous fights and domestic disputes, whether minor or serious in nature.

The laws even went past protecting legitimate spouses and cohabitants to protect “victims” of “dating relationships”.  Now, domestic violence allegations are a multi billion dollar industry and are used by feminist groups and law enforcement to further their own special interests.  Special district attorney departments, investigators, and victim’s groups have sprung up across the country whose sole job it is to find accusers who will use domestic violence allegations to punish Men in order to keep the funding going.

Millions of Men across the United States are sitting in jails, or facing expensive legal proceedings, post judgement restitution penalties, mandatory counseling and other costs which are destroying their lives.

Even the most harmless injuries resulting from pushing, shoving, slapping, etc. are being charged as felonies due to the vague wording of statutes which define injury as any “traumatic condition” which includes falsified emotional abuse allegations.  Men are being unjustly charged, prosecuted and forced to pay for the rest of their lives while their accusers are given complete immunity for their violence and treated as “victims”.

The consequences are devastating for Men.  We are losing our life, liberty, jobs, and livelihoods over false domestic violence allegations.  Such allegations lead to years of restraining orders, probation, jail time and fines.  Feminist groups behind this multi billion dollar industry are using these laws to seek revenge for relationships that were simply not working out, punish Men, and get the upper hand in divorce and custody disputes.

False allegations of Domestic Violence need to stop.   Men are being unjustly targeted and prosecuted when often time, it is the accusers who instigated the violence.


2 Thoughts to “The Multi-Billion Dollar Domestic Violence Industry (Part 1)”

  1. Will

    The domestic violence industry is gaslightng or gangstalking me. I’m innocent. What should I do?

    1. MJustice

      Sorry to hear this. These people are ruthless and if they have made up their mind to prosecute you, you need to be prepared for an aggressive defense. I wouldn’t post anything publicly about your case, don’t contact the alleged victim, her family, friends etc. This is a game and a drama for her and she will use any weakness on your part against you. Start sharpening your weapons and digging trenches. Unless you plead to “get this over with”, which it will never be over and likely haunt you for the rest of your life, be prepared for a full out war. Your ex is probably sadistically enjoying her new found power over you, so don’t expect any help or sympathy on her part. Also, even if she changes her mind and doesn’t want to engage in the process, the DA will still prosecute you and try to use her statements against you in any way possible to coerce you into pleading to something. These people are ruthless. Email me confidentially and separately on any details to my email address under contact info to see if I can provide any specific guidance and support.

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