As reported in the Stanford Daily Post, Michele Dauber, a Stanford Law Professor is advocating violence on Twitter against 21-yr. old, Brock Turner, who was kicked out of college and criminally convicted of sexual assault. The reason? Because he is appealing his case.

If you are not familiar with Brock Turner, Read my previous article on the case.

After denigrating his appeal in social media (the appeal has not been heard yet), Dauber then tweeted a song with lyrics calling for extreme violence against Turner:

Brock Turner/You’re the definition of scum
Get stomped on like old gum/I hope your face gets kicked in

I hope you never get a job/I hope you never get the girl
I hope you get tossed in a Dumpster/F*** Brock Turner

When confronted by a former female Judge, Dauber claimed the tweet was “satire”.  Is this conduct fitting for a law professor? A teacher tasked with impartially educating law students now advocates for violence against a former student because he is appealing his case and exercising his civil rights? If the situation involved a male professor posting lyrics calling for violence against an accuser, do you think he would still be around?  Is this an issue that the Dean of the Law school should inquire into? (Elizabeth Magill, is this conduct befitting a faculty member?

Turner’s case made national headlines because Dauber used his case to promote herself and reign terror across the nation — using the same false statistics such as 1 in 4 college women are raped.

Then Dauber led the recall effort for Judge Persky because he exercised his judicial discretion and sentenced Turner to 6-months in jail.  The judge is now mired in litigation trying to save his bench position because of Dauber’s judicial recall efforts.

Meanwhile, Turner left California after serving his sentence and returned to his home state of Ohio to live with his parents and register as a sex-offender for the rest of his life.

But Turner’s criminal sentence and being kicked out of Stanford wasn’t enough for Dauber.  In her tweet she said Turner wasn’t accountable and remorseful enough because he is appealing the underlying conviction.

Perhaps as a result of her relentless media campaign against him, at one point, armed protesters carrying weapons showed up outside of Turner’s home, chanting for his death.

Turner, meanwhile has been trying to rebuild his life.  He has turned to Christianity and religion to find solace against the relentless attacks against him and his family.

And his lawyers are appealing his case, as he has every right to.

Dauber played a central role in tainting Turner’s criminal trial.  She coached the victim into a version of a story that Dauber wanted to tell, and then publicized this story relentlessly for personal attention.

This stirred a national frenzy, setting the stage for a college campus witch hunt, which would go on to deprive thousands of students of due process and their college education and future livelihoods.

Now she wants to impeach judges and see former college students hurt when they appeal convictions for sex crimes.  Is this the legal system we want in America? One where individuals can play judge, jury, and executioner before due process is exercised?

Anyone who advocate for violence against former students because they appeal their convictions have no place in our educational system. The courts are our last bastion of defense against tyranny. Dauber should resign or be terminated for advocating violence against those who exercise their due process rights.

If you have read this far, please take 1 minute to:

write an email to the dean of Stanford about what you think.


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