11/22/2017.  A “moral panic” is upon us.  One where sexual harassment and assault allegations threaten to undermine basic constitutional rights and liberties.  Not a day goes by without some prominent man being mob lynched by the media for sexual harassment or assault allegations. Whether it’s Al Franken, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and now journalist icon, Charlie Rose, — no man, whether liberal, conservative, rich or poor, is safe from the radicalized feminist “reign of terror”.  This terror and moral panic targeting so-called “privileged men” signals a dangerous new era of despotism and tyranny.

How did we get here? So long as the MalePower/FemaleVictimization paradigm remains the official gender paradigm, men will be targeted accordingly.  As one writer put it, “Those whom one expects to impose some order on all this—conservative politicians, religious leaders, civil libertarians, journalists, scholars—are either hiding under the table or signaling their virtue by themselves fanning the flames of a hysteria that they show no interest in trying to understand.” Fake news and the prosecution culture is easy click bait for those who enjoy feeding on the misery and salacious gossip of others.

Meanwhile, basic constitutional rights have been thrown by the wayside. The presumption of innocence, has become meaningless. Casual allegations now strip men of their right to life, liberty and property. Forget about the rights of privacy, due process, the right to confront the accuser. It does not matter whether the alleged harassment rises to the legal definition of sexual harassment, which necessarily involves using workplace authority to extract sexual favors from a co-worker or subordinate.  Now, the careers and lives of men can be destroyed overnight by reckless and self glorifying social media #metoo campaigns.  Flimsy allegations and reckless click-bait journalism are replacing the rigorous standards of proof and protections guaranteed by our Constitution.

Moreover, foaming at the mouth feminists and the liberal media have taken to the air to broadcast these very damaging allegations to propagate dangerous unconstitutional ideologies that we must believe these “survivors” at all costs, even without actual proof, due process or corroboration.  The word of the accuser is sacrosanct; enough to create a moral panic not seen since McCarthyism. The accepted belief is that a woman would never lie, and never have a hidden agenda to raise these accusations, even 20, 30 or 40 years later.

Thus, regardless of the merits of the accusations or a full objective investigation into the facts and evidence surrounding the allegations, all women who now speak up are automatically “victims”, while the accused are labeled “predatory men” who must automatically be relegated to the fringes of society.  Who cares if these men are fired, jailed, or lose their livelihoods without due process.  Let’s blindly accept the accusation of the “survivor” and throw the presumption of innocence to the wind.  Let’s just fire these men so that our companies and stock prices don’t suffer from the negative news.

This is a slippery slope.

The current social and political hysteria that “male power” is to blame for all of societies ills signals a new kind of tyranny. The current climate is similar to what developed during McCarthyism, where accusations that you were affiliated with socialism or communism were enough to put you on the FBI’s watch list.  In this climate of male persecution, political affiliations do not matter anymore; to become a target of social, legal and political persecution, it’s simply enough to belong to the class of the “entitled-male”; men who have any wealth, power, talents, intelligence or means now have a target on their back as part of the “male-privileged-oppressor-class”.

The current climate of persecution against the so-called “patriarchy” is dangerously similar to what took place during Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews, or the Bolshevik Revolution, which targeted the wealthy class; movements which eventually paved the way for fascism and communist rule.

In 1840, Tocqueville, a French political observer, wrote, “Democracy In America” in which he warned that American democracy would, while spreading equality and opportunity, could breed the worst kind of tyranny and mob rule.  Tocqueville worried that if despotism were to take root in a modern democracy, it would be a much more dangerous version than the oppression under the Roman emperors or tyrants of the past who could only exert a pernicious influence on a small group of people at a time.

Toqueville was more prescient than he could have known. Liberal democracy and the great technological progress of our culture (where anyone with a Twitter and FB account can become a political hack and spread fake news) has spawned a dangerous democratic despotism; one which spreads pernicious ideologies that seek to eliminate gender differences, one which ignores billions of years of evolution and biological/social differences between sexes, and blames all of societies problems on “privileged men”.

It is not too far of a stretch to imagine a world, where instead of circumcisions, the male penis itself will be modified into some amorphic gender neutral organ at birth.  Estrogen injections will be given to men who exhibit “aggressive” or “masculine” behavior.  The insertion of the penis into a woman, whether consensual or not, will be deemed a “violation”.  Instead, sperm will be harvested and provided to women who can birth children without “oppressive” and “toxic males”. Any income inequality or disproportionate representation of men in positions of management, politics or power will be deemed a sign of male oppression and will need to be eradicated by labeling them as “sexist” or “harassers”.

The current “moral panic” signals that we are not too far from this dystopian reality.


4 Thoughts to “The Cult of Sexual Harassment/Assault Allegations Undermine Basic Constitutional Liberties; A New “Moral Panic” Targeting “Privileged Men” Signals Despotism and Tyranny Not Seen Since McCarthyism”

  1. SickOfIt

    …Could not have been better said! MJustice, are there similar plots for the assault side of things (e.g., tugging on arms, standing in front of doors, or, God forbid, simply looking angry)?

  2. MJustice

    If by the “assault side of things” you are referring to “domestic violence” the moral panic surrounding that is already well developed and the actions you describe (i.e. tugging on arms, standing in front of doors, looking angry) are already part of the DV industry, which qualifies those as acts criminal DV and/or subject to DV restraining orders. Radical feminists are already equating DV with mass murders, and now, sexual harassment includes anything that a woman says is an unwanted advance. Of course, women also want men to make the advances and court them, so the logic is completely irrational. Until men rise up and reject this oppression, they are only encouraging it and allowing us to boiled alive

  3. SickOfIt

    I’m talking about the graphic above the blog post, apparently from YouGov/Economist. Are there equivalent graphs for questionnable forms of ‘abuse’?

  4. This is but the beginning of the fourth wave of feminism during which powerful men will be expunged and replaced by marginally competent females. And the common man will be reduced to ten percent of the current male population.

    Then when the Muslims come a calling after over running Europe the feminists will be lined up against a wall along with their male quisling cucks and shot. While the remaining fertile female will find themselves the latest residents of a harem.

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