What happened to Ray Rice?  Everyone remembers the notorious beating of his fiance (now wife) in an Atlantic City casino elevator in 2014.  He was then a three time pro-bowler and star running back for the Baltimore Ravens.

Domestic violence charges ended his career.   

Rice was charged with assault and the video was blasted all over the news and Internet.  He became the political poster child for feminist groups to label athletes as domestic violence abusers.  Although Rice avoided jail through a diversion program which led to dismissal of the charges, his NFL career was over.

His fiance stood by his side and forgave him after Rice apologized.  In fact, she married him shortly after the charges were brought.  The victim actually pleaded with the NFL to give him a second chance.

However, as is all too common with prosecution of domestic violence, the allegations and video would end his career. He was dismissed from the NFL in 2014.  Although he was reinstated on appeal, no NFL team has since drafted him.

So what is Ray Rice doing now? He is donating money to charities, raising awareness for domestic violence, and speaking out on the issue at high school and colleges.  The Man has truly taken account and shown remorse for his actions.

According to this article from the USA Today (http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2016/07/21/ray-rice-domestic-violence-baltimore-ravens/87380652//), Rice is willing to donate his entire NFL first year salary to DV causes if an NFL team will give him another chance to play.  Under the lowest salary that Rice is eligible for, that is at least $885K.   A significant sum.

I think Ray Rice deserves a second chance. If his wife can forgive him, why can’t the NFL?  Although no one condones his actions from over two years ago, the man has already paid a heavy price.

A loss of an NFL career, millions of dollars in future earnings and the press hysteria that followed the release of the infamous video have undoubtedly humbled the man.

He is now responsibly raising a family, speaking out against domestic violence and has shown to be truly remorseful.  The guy just wants to play ball again.  I say the NFL should give him a second chance.

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