Here is a good site to petition both the federal and your state government to Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence. 

Prosecution of criminal charges should be reserved for serious crimes, not people who are trying to use the justice system to seek revenge in relationships or to gain an advantage in divorce or custody proceedings.

If you follow the link, you can fill out a basic form that will self-generate a petition email that will be automatically sent to your federal and state congressmen.   You can customize your message as well.

If you or a close one is a target of false domestic violence allegations, please pass this link onto them.   It’s time to send a message to government that domestic violence laws and enforcement need to be reformed.

5 Thoughts to “Petition Congress To Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence”

  1. Joe P.

    Over the years I’ve seen more and more signatures added to this petition, but politicians have never responded. Has the left and feminism got them all by the privates?

    MJustice, have you ever heard/seen any positive feedback as a result of this site?

    1. MJustice

      Joe, VAWA is a multibillion dollar industry funded by federal, state and foundation/nonprofit groups. What politicians thought was innocuous throw-away legislation to appease the feminists, has become a tool that has arbitrarily destroyed and affected the lives of many who are neither criminals or abusers. Keep the letters, petitions and blogging going. When men become bold enough to make the protest less of a fringe movement but a real cause of action, politicians will respond will respond. Bottom line we need to get the federal money out of this and let states deal with real crime. Domestic violence is not a national epidemic that needs attention through vague and discriminatory laws and policies that overwhelmingly jail men and let female abusers go free.

  2. Joe P.

    MJustice, I’m entirely on your side, but the problem didn’t begin with VAWA. It actually began in the 80s when feminist lobbyists pressured both law makers and law enforcement into a diagnostic shift that led to the current anti-male predicament. You would think that eventually there will be a reversal of these policies, especially with so many “wife-beaters” now members of the White House staff.

    1. MJustice

      Agreed. Policy reversals seem unlikely until there is critical mass of attention to this issue. Right now we are in the minority, even if this administration is overwhelmingly in favor of reversing the DV policies and funding.

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