Men’s Rights means equal justice and due process under the law for Men.    

As I started venturing out on this topic, I began noticing, both from personal experience and sharing stories with other Men, that we have become a minority group.

I am a lawyer and I genuinely want to help Men find justice with their issues – whether it is in marriage, divorce, domestic violence, sexual harassment, or the host of other issues that Men encounter.

Navigating Men’s Rights issues can be difficult when the laws and social norms seem so skewed in favor of women. But Men have equal rights as well, and I hope that my posts can help you find some justice.

To this end, I will blog about your legal rights, how to avoid losing money in your marriage and divorce, avoid the pitfalls and traps of law enforcement and civil litigation, and a host of other issues that you will encounter as a Man facing law and society.

I hope you will read my posts and contribute with your stories so we can all become wiser along the way.

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