In a frightening new trend that is taking place across college campuses in the United States, Princeton was the latest to join the bandwagon of colleges banning Men’s sports.  Princeton, now joins, Harvard and Columbia which have already banned their Men’s soccer and wrestling teams this year for “misogynistic” speech. Recently, Washington University banned its men’s soccer team indefinitely over allegations by females athletes regarding “sexually explicit speech”.

At Harvard, the Men’s soccer team was cancelled because the players were rating women athletes on a scale of 1-10. (This is how Facebook actually started). At Columbia, the school raided the players’ text messages and uncovered supposedly “misogynistic, racist and homophobic” terms.  The University of Minnesota football team recently suspended 10 players for allegations of “sexual assault”. (The team has since banded together to boycott all football activities in a show of solidarity for their fellow players).

Silencing male speech that does not conform to social or political correctness is itself an unconstitutional violation of a Man’s right to free speech and expression. This political tyranny is furthered by social justice warriors that would like to eliminate all forms of male congregation, including male athletics.

All over the country, male athletes are already facing disproportionate number of sexual assault allegations, ruining their young careers and subjecting them to unconstitutional Title IX hearings on college campuses, where there are few evidentiary or procedural standards to guard against false allegations.

The decision by prominent universities to silence free speech by banning athletics is alarming. University campuses are supposed to exist as bastions of free speech where political protest and civic gathering are tolerated in all forms. This is why university campuses allow for such a wide diaspora of student groups which are aligned under political, ethnic, gender, or racial banners. These groups routinely engage in speech and protest which may be offensive to any given group.

Are male athletic groups any different?  It strikes me as politically hypocritical and a violation of basic privacy, free speech and personal liberty that emails and text messages exchanged between male athletes are being investigated and subject to witch hunts. Meanwhile, speech in all other forms on college campuses is given free reign.  Does it really matter what male athletes are discussing among themselves or that their private speech might be found offensive to some?  Can the thought police that is now ruling over college campuses really eradicate male behavior by banning male athletics and asking young males to conform to their ideas of social and political correctness?

The University of Minnesota athletes are doing the right thing by joining their fellow athletes to boycott football activities.   Male athletes all over the country should join together and boycott sports on college campuses until common sense and fairness is restored to Men’s Rights at universities.  A collective boycott by male athletes will cost the universities billions of dollars in revenue from ticket sales, endorsements, and alumni endowments.

Young men on college campuses have a right to free speech, no matter how misogynistic or vulgar it may seem to political groups bent on silencing them.  Taking away their sports is simply unacceptable.


2 Thoughts to “College Campuses Silence Men’s Speech By Banning Sports”

  1. Of course, they should now also start banning things like gender studies classes whenever anti-male phrases such as “toxic masculinity,” “male privilege (used to invalidate men’s opinions)” and “stupid white men”.

    1. MJustice

      Agree. The “women’s studies” major is discriminatory and encourages hate speech against men. I think a title IX challenge should be in the works.

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