Mens Laws is a site dedicated to Men’s Rights and legal issues affecting Men.

As a corporate lawyer and litigator working for large firms and companies, I was too busy to worry about Men’s Rights or civil rights issues for Men. After, all, I thought, civil rights are largely issues that affect minorities or women.

But as I went through my own divorce and met other men who had legal problems and issues, I quickly realized that men were becoming the disaffected group.  We were simply not speaking up about our problems.

Over fifty years after the Civil Rights Act, it is now Men when who are struggling under the justice system.

If you have ever dealt with divorce, law enforcement or government regulation, you should know that Men are overwhelmingly a target for unjust and capricious actions, lawsuits, law enforcement and media lynching.

Mens Laws will share stories, articles and practical legal information to deal with the many issues we face as Men.

I will cover topics such as marriage, divorce, taxes, domestic violence, DUIs, drugs, sexual harassment, employment issues, civil litigation, wealth planning, and a host of other topics that are relevant to Men.

I encourage you to contact me with your own stories and questions, so we can increase visibility and share our collective wisdom to help Men.